New at NBMG: OF10-4 – Geologic Terrane Map of Nevada (2 plates)

by A. Elizabeth Jones Crafford (2010)  

Plate 1 is a 1:500,000-scale map illustrating the Paleozoic and Mesozoic geologic history of Nevada as defined by Crafford (2007). Plate 2 is a series of 1:3,000,000-scale time slices illustrating tectonic events between the evolving continental margin in Nevada and accreted terranes outboard of the margin. The maps are derived primarily from the Geologic Map of Nevada 1:500,000-scale compilation by Stewart and Carlson (USGS, 1978) and the 1:250,000-scale county geologic maps (NBMG, various dates), plus other sources.



Available on the Web – Plate 1 – Plate 2 

Open-File Report 10-4, set of 2 color plates, $35.00  Buy Now!

 Open-File Report 10-4a, plate 1 only, $20.00  Buy Now!

Geologic terrane map of Nevada (plate 1 of 2)
54×65-inch color plate, scale 1:500,000 

Open-File Report 10-4b, plate 2 only, $20.00  Buy Now!

Paleozoic and Mesozoic tectonic domains (plate 2 of 2)
54×64-inch color plate

 All plates are available rolled only.

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