New earthquake hazard report from NBMG

OF11-1 –  Comparison of loss-estimation modeling using HAZUS with ground-motion input from ShakeMap versus default values

by Jonathan G. Price (NBMG), Gary Johnson (NBMG), Glenn Biasi (Nevada Seismological Laboratory),  Douglas Bausch (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and Ivan G. Wong (URS Corporation)




This report, which is available as an online document at, documents a comparison of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s loss-estimation model, HAZUS, for earthquakes using two different ground-motion inputs: (1) the standard or default input using the epicenter, depth, and magnitude of an earthquake, which results in a simplified calculation of ground motions performed internally in HAZUS and (2) a user-supplied ShakeMap, which is created with a U.S. Geological Survey program that maps ground shaking. Except at small magnitudes (5.0, when the ShakeMap input yields significantly less loss than the standard input), the two approaches yield results that are mostly well within an order of magnitude of one another.

24 pages (in color)
$24.00 for paper copy or free on the Web:

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