Lake Tahoe Basin LiDAR data released

“I’m pleased to announce that you can now download the 2010 Tahoe LiDAR data from  at your convenience.  Access to the data from the website is pretty straight forward – once you access the homepage, click on the “data” tab or “find data” button and you will be introduced to a map.  Zoom into the Tahoe Basin polygon or the area of interest.  Select the “Select a Region” button on the left hand side of the screen then select the area within the basin that you want data.  The larger the area you select, the more time it will take to process. Alternatively, at the bottom of the map, is a link to “list all datasets”, clicking this link will bring you to a list of all datasets hosted by opentopography.  You can select the Tahoe LiDAR dataset from there as well.   Follow the steps to specify what information and format you want downloaded.  I encourage you to register for an account with opentopography to gain greater access to data.  Please share this website with your colleagues.  P.S. I’d like to extend a special thank you to Graham Kent, Ramon Arrowsmith, David Saah, Chris Crosby, Toby Welborne and Watershed Sciences for making this happen.” (from  J. Shane Romsos, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Department Manager, Measurement Department)

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