New at NBMG: Geothermal core from Rye Patch area–new Open-File Report

Open-File Report 11-10

Descriptive Logs, Skeletonized Samples, and Photographs of Core from Presco Energy’s Thermal Gradient Wells P 3-1, P 10-1, and P 32-2 in the Rye Patch Area, Pershing County, Nevada

by David A. Davis


This report, which is available as an online document at, describes the selective sampling (skeletonizing) of diamond drill core from three geothermal wells drilled in the Rye Patch area. The skeletonized samples can be viewed at the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library (GBSSRL), and the lithologic descriptions of the core, photographs of the entire core, and photographs of the individual samples are posted online.

Web-only version free on the Web at

About the author:
David Davis, NBMG/GBSSRL

About Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library:

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