Minerals of Nevada–now in paperback!



Special Publication 31: Minerals of Nevada by Stephen B. Castor and Gregory C. Ferdock, 2004

Minerals of Nevada is the first synoptic catalog of Nevada minerals, listing every mineral found in the state along with the places where they occur. But the book is far more than a compendium. Included are engaging essays by several distinguished scientists and collectors that offer a geologic history of Nevada; a history of mining and mineral study in the state; descriptions of significant mineral deposit types and mining districts; essays on meteorites, gemstones, and minerals first found in Nevada; and some tips for collectors. The book is lavishly illustrated with color photographs by Jeff Scovil, Sugar White, and others. A map showing mining districts and important mineral occurrences is also included.

560 pages, including 102 color photos, 1 map (scale 1:1,000,000)

New paperback edition–$45.00:

 Original hardback edition–temporarily on sale for $60.00:

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