New Reno urban area geologic map

Open-File Report 11-7: Preliminary revised geologic maps of the Reno urban area, Nevada
by Alan R. Ramelli, Christopher D. Henry, and Jerome P. Walker,
with contributions by John W. Bell, Patricia H. Cashman, Craig M. dePolo, Larry J. Garside, P. Kyle House, James H. Trexler, and Michael C. Widmer



This study developed a comprehensive, unified stratigraphy for the Quaternary, Cenozoic, and Mesozoic rocks of the Reno urban area that can be extended to adjacent areas. The study also completely remapped Quaternary and older faults in the area based on extensive new surface and subsurface data. Six new cross sections are the first to depict the overall structure of the Truckee Meadows basin. The maps are compiled in ArcGIS so that they can be continuously updated as additional data become available.

Open-File Report 11-7 was revised from these published geologic maps from NBMG:
Urban Map 4Gg, Geologic map of the Verdi quadrangle, John W. Bell and Larry J. Garside (1987);
Urban Map 4Ag, Geologic map of the Reno quadrangle, Harold F. Bonham and Edward C. Bingler (1973);
Urban Map 4Hg, Geologic map of the Vista quadrangle, John W. Bell and Harold F. Bonham (1987);
Urban Map 5Ag, Geologic map of the Washoe City quadrangle, R.W. Tabor and S. Ellen (1975);
Urban Map 4Bg, Geologic map of the Mt. Rose NE quadrangle, Harold F. Bonham Jr. and David K. Rogers (1983); and Urban Map 4Fg, Geologic map of the Steamboat quadrangle, Harold F. Bonham Jr. and John W. Bell (1993)

Supersedes Open-File Report 10-11.

Available free on the Web or for purchase–

OF11-7, 3 color plates, scale 1:24,000-scale, each plate 80×42 inches, rolled only, $66.00 for the set of 3 plates

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