Articles on Reno area – in Geosphere

In April 2012, this publication on the Reno area was released:
Preliminary revised geologic maps of the Reno urban area, Nevada by Alan R. Ramelli, Christopher D. Henry, and Jerome P. Walker, with contributions by John W. Bell, Patricia H. Cashman, Craig M. dePolo, Larry J. Garside, P. Kyle House, James H. Trexler, and Michael C. Widmer

Authors of this open-file report have just published new articles on the Reno area in Geosphere (June 2012). The abstracts of these articles can be viewed at this Geological Society of America link:

Constraints on the history and topography of the northeastern Sierra Nevada from a Neogene sedimentary basin in the Reno-Verdi area, western Nevada, by James Trexler, Patricia Cashman, and Michael Cosca

Distinct mantle sources for Pliocene–Quaternary volcanism beneath the modern Sierra Nevada and adjacent Great Basin, northern California and western Nevada, USA, by Brian Cousens, Christopher D. Henry, and Vishal Gupta

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