Desert Peak quadrangle–new geologic map


Open-File Report 12-5
Preliminary geologic map of the Desert Peak quadrangle, Churchill County, Nevada
by James E. Faulds, Alan R. Ramelli, Larry J. Garside, Mark F. Coolbaugh, and Heather L. Green

A 1:24,000-scale, color preliminary geologic map of the Desert Peak 7.5-minute quadrangle in Churchill County, Nevada with descriptions of 102 geologic units and three cross sections. Locations of geothermal wells are also included. The Desert Peak quadrangle incorporates much of the northern Hot Springs Mountains, which contain one of the larger geothermal anomalies in the Great Basin. The quadrangle includes the Desert Peak geothermal system and associated power plant, the easternmost part of the Brady’s geothermal field, and the western part of the Desert Queen geothermal system. It also includes one operating diatomite mine and much of the currently inactive Desert Queen mining district.

1:24,000-scale color plate, 51×27 inches, rolled or folded, $19.00

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