NBMG on cover of GRC Bulletin

NBMG Director and State Geologist, Jim Faulds, and retired long-time NBMG Executive Assistant, Terri Garside, appear on the cover of a recent Geothermal Resources Council Bulletin as a result of having led two field trips for the GRC meeting in Reno this past Fall, including both a pre- and post-meeting, two-day trip.  About 25 people attended each trip. The pre-meeting trip visited geothermal sites in and around the Carson Sink of western Nevada, including the Brady’s, Desert Peak, Salt Wells, and Soda Lake geothermal systems. The post-meeting trip visited geothermal sites near Winnemucca (Blue Mountain and Rye Patch) and the Black Rock Desert area in northwestern Nevada. 

The caption for the GRC Bulletin cover reads, “Dr. James Faulds explains a fault surface in the Desert Queen fault zone, part of the Desert Queen Geothermal System. Dr. Faulds, the Nevada State Geologist, stands in the faulted area along with field trip participants. The Desert Queen geothermal system is a blind system first identified by temperature gradient drilling (Benoit et al., 1982). As the fault zone terminates southward, it breaks into multiple splays that provide increased permeability for geothermal fluids. The fault zone was a stop for the GRC field trip, “Structural Controls of Geothermal Activity in the Western Great Basin, Nevada, Part I.” [photo by Susan Fox Hodgson]


To read more and see additional photos of field trips, see the November/December 2012 GRC Bulletin: http://www.geothermal.org/PDFs/Articles/12NovDec26.pdf

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