New 43-101 Report Map Service for Mineral Properties


The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology is pleased to announce a new 43-101 Report Map Service.  Creation of map services has been an important component of NBMG’s efforts to modernize and make data that are relevant to mineral exploration and land use decisions readily available to the public. The 43-101 Report Map Service shows the locations of 43-101 reports in Nevada. Clicking on a location point with the “Identify” tool will result in links to the report(s). Clicking the link will result in a new window showing the report as a PDF file.

These 43-101 reports are publically available technical reports that follow a codified set of rules and guidelines for reporting and displaying information related to mineral properties owned by, or explored by, companies which report these results on stock exchanges within Canada. The map is not an exhaustive list of all the 43-101 reports completed in Nevada. NBMG will periodically update the map with additional reports, both old and new.

We hope you find this service of use.  Please contact us with feedback.  More similar map services relevant to mineral exploration will be released later this year.

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