Remembering Kris Pizarro

It is with great sadness to let you know that Kris Pizarro passed away April 26, 2013, having lost her long fought battle with cancer.

As many of you know, Kris was a Graphic Artist/Cartographer with Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology for about 20 years. Her many contributions include the Highway 50 guidebook. She was a true pleasure to work with and a very gifted artist.

Kris is survived by her husband Ricardo, one son, six grandchildren, and 4 loving cats.

If you would like to send a card to the Pizarro family, please mail it to this address and we will forward it to them:

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology / Sales

Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library

2175 Raggio Parkway

Reno, NV 89512

Please feel free to pass this note on to others who may have known Kris.

To commemorate the work of Kris Pizarro, Ricardo Pizarro and Jack Hursh (NBMG Cartographer) have coordinated a showing of several pieces of Kris Pizarro’s photos and artwork for the month of June at the Artists Co-op Gallery of Reno, 627 Mill Street, 775-322-8896. These pieces will all be for sale and will be displayed on the Co-op’s Heritage Wall. Sales of the artwork by Kris will directly benefit the Pizarro family. The Artists Co-op Gallery will be having its monthly reception this Sunday, June 2, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Artists Co-op Gallery of Reno is open every day from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The 627 Mill Street location of the Artists Co-op is near the northwest corner of the intersection of Mill Street and Wells Avenue.

For several years in a row, Jack has coordinated the annual Photo Fandango show at the Artists Co-op. Kris Pizarro was a regular, enthusiastic participant in the Photo Fandango show. We hope you can stop by the Co-op and see the artwork of Kris Pizarro.

Kris produced the excellent maps and illustrations and took many of the photographs for all four of the NBMG publications in the guidebook series. Kris learned to love the Nevada landscape at an early age by going on field trips with her father, and that sustained love of Nevada and the natural world shines through in these publications that she helped make so special:

Geologic and Natural History Tours in the Reno Area: Expanded Edition (Special Publication 19) by Joseph V. Tingley, Kris Ann Pizarro, Christopher Ross, Becky Weimer Purkey, and Larry J. Garside; publication design by Jack P. Hursh. From page 3: “Kris Pizarro and Jack Hursh are due special recognition for their contributions to this work. Both Kris and Jack traveled the trip routes many times, and using their artistic talents in combination with their love for Nevada, captured the natural history of the area in many exceptional photographs. Unless otherwise noted, Kris prepared all of the maps and sketches and prepared the photographs used throughout the publication.”

Geologic Tours in the Las Vegas Area, Expanded Edition with GPS Coordinates (Special Publication 16) by Joseph V. Tingley, Becky W. Purkey, Ernest M. Duebendorfer, Eugene I. Smith, Jonathan G. Price, and Stephen B. Castor; illustrations by Kris A. Pizarro; publication design by Jack Hursh. From page 3: “It would not have been possible to publish this work without the efforts of Kris Pizarro and Jack Hursh. Kris prepared the maps and sketches for everything except Trip 5 (including redrafting all figures used from the first edition), wrote the material used in the plant and animal inset boxes, and prepared the photographs used throughout the text. Kris’s touch has transformed many photos into exceptional presentations.”

Traveling America’s Loneliest Road, a Geologic and Natural History Tour through Nevada along U.S. Highway 50, with GPS Coordinates (Special Publication 26) by Joseph V. Tingley, Kris Ann Pizarro; publication design by Jack P. Hursh. From page 3: “Maps and illustrations are by Kris Pizarro unless otherwise noted.”

A Geologic and Natural History Tour through Nevada and Arizona along U.S. Highway 93, with GPS Coordinates (Special Publication 35) by Joseph V. Tingley, Kris A. Pizarro, Christopher Ross, and Philip A. Pearthree; illustrations by Kris A. Pizarro; publication design by Shelly A. deLaureal and Jack P. Hursh. From page 2: “Kris Pizarro also wrote natural history sidebars and photo captions, mainly for the Nevada portion of the road log. Photos were collected from a variety of sources (credits are given with each photo), and Kris carefully selected and prepared photos, including the color plates. Kris also designed and crafted the maps and figures used throughout the text. Without Kris’s tireless efforts, this road log would be little more than a drab and dry collection of words.”

Kris—we will miss you.

NBMG faculty/staff

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