NPGS Guidebook—Available Now

Title: Geothermal and Petroleum Developments in Several Extensional Basins of the Central Walker Lane, Nevada: Nevada Petroleum and Geothermal Society 2013 Field Trip Guidebook, Larry J. Garside, editor, 136 p.

If you did not get the chance to attend the Nevada Petroleum and Geothermal Society (NPGS) field trip on October 12-13, you can now order a copy of the guidebook in the following formats: $30 for paper, $30 for softgood download, and $45 for CD-ROM. If you would like to order a guidebook right away, please call the NBMG Publication Sales Office at 775-682-8766. The guidebook will be added to the shopping cart soon.

There are only a limited number of printed guidebooks (paper) available, and after those are gone, we will only have the two digital formats available for sale. If you pick up a paper copy of the guidebook at GBSSRL, you can view a mason jar full of oil that Chris Henry brought to us from a Gabbs Valley well on the field trip.

Papers and stops include the following: oil exploration in Gabbs Valley and vicinity; oil shows in Gabbs Valley exploration wells; Cobble Cuesta anticline—possible modes of formation; bitumen-stained sandstone and conglomerate; geology of the Wild Rose geothermal field; new interpretation of volcanic rocks on Fissure Ridge (Gabbs Valley); geothermal systems of Rhodes, Columbus, and Teels marshes; gas and oil shows in historic oil wells in valleys near Gabbs Valley (including Columbus Salt Marsh); and stratigraphy and source-rock potential of Tertiary sedimentary rocks, particularly paper shales and coal beds.

Ten new papers on petroleum and geothermal developments in the central Walker Lane and a shortened version of USGS Open-File Report 99-352 on the geology of the Cobble Cuesta area are included in the guidebook:

Exploration of the Wild Rose Geothermal Project, Mineral County, Nevada, by Ben Delwiche

ASARCO Incorporated’s Car Project, 1990-94, Western Gabbs Valley, Mineral County, Nevada-Precious Metal Exploration Transitioned to Geothermal Exploration, by Peter G. Vikre and Fleetwood R. Koutz

Fissure Vent and Proposed Caldera in Gabbs Valley, Nevada, by Christopher D. Henry and David A. John

Stratigraphy, Tephrochronology, and Structural Setting of Miocene Sedimentary Rocks in the Cobble Cuesta Area, West-Central Nevada [abbreviated version of USGS OF 99-352], by John H. Stewart, Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki, Charles E. Meyer, and Elmira Wan

Observations of Post-Miocene Compression in Central Nevada, by Vincent Ramirez

Latest Tertiary Faulting and Folding within Gabbs Valley, Nevada, by Jonathan Payne

Structure, Stratigraphy, and Hydrocarbon Potential of Gabbs Valley, Nye County, Nevada, by Alfred H. Pekarek

Summary of Oil-and-Gas Well Drilling in Gabbs Valley, 2001-2011, Northwestern Nye County, Nevada, by Jerome P. Walker

Active Geothermal Systems of the Mina Deflection, Southwestern Nevada, by Mark Coolbaugh, Chris Kratt, James Faulds, Richard Zehner, and Chris Sladek

Oil and Gas Occurrence in Columbus Salt Marsh, Esmeralda County, Nevada, by J.H. Henderson, Andrew Cullen, and Conrad Hinshaw, Jr.

The Columbus Salt Marsh Sub-Basin Oil Seep and Coaldale Well, by Andrew Cullen and James Henderson

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