Nevada Geology Calendar 2014 – now with holes punched!


Thanks to an alert customer, we discovered that holes had not been punched in the calendars. The printing company immediately picked up the remainder of the calendars and punched holes in them.

If you have a hole punch at home, it is an easy fix to punch your own holes. If you are stopping by our office anyway, you are welcome to bring your shrink-wrapped calendar in and trade for one with holes punched. If you have a calendar without the shrink wrap, bring it in and we will punch a hole for you.

We will also sell calendars at the Geological Society of Nevada meeting (December 18, 2013 – GSN ANNUAL CHRISTMAS MEETING, ROCK RAFFLE AND AUCTION,, so you can switch or punch your calendars then, if you bring them with you.

If you still haven’t purchased a 2014 Nevada Geology calendar, you can do so by calling (775) 682-8766 or ordering online at

For more information about the 2014 calendar, see

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