Nevada Petroleum & Geothermal Society Dinner Meeting—Nov 9 (RSVP by Tues Jan 7)

NPGS Dinner Meeting: Thursday, Jan 9, 2014 – RSVP by Tuesday Jan 7
Speaker: Nicholas Hinz, Research Geologist, NBMG, Reno NV
Topic: Structural Controls of Several Geothermal Systems Associated with the Central Walker Lane Including Three Blind Geothermal Systems at Hawthorne Plus Lee-Allen and Wabuska

Abstract: Temperature and geochemistry data indicate the presence of three blind geothermal systems in the Hawthorne area. One system is associated with a major stepover in the Wassuk Range front. A second system resides along the northwest margin of the Garfield Hills at a probable fault intersection. The third system resides in the middle of the southern part of Walker Lake basin about 7 km north-northeast of the city of Hawthorne where tufa mounds form a linear outcrop along part of the Hawthorne fault zone and the northwest corner of a possible pull-apart.

The Lee-Allen geothermal area sits in a small pull-apart, in a northwest-striking dextral shear zone. The geothermal reservoir is hosted in shallow basement rocks, and fluid flow is controlled by the northeast-striking normal faults with greatest documented displacement. The distribution of spring deposits along this normal fault indicate that fluid flow is also concentrated along intersections with the northwest-striking dextral faults.

The Wabuska geothermal area is positioned near the western end of one of the major strands of the Wabuska fault zone. The reservoir may be associated with a displacement transfer zone as strain is transferred from strike-slip motion along the Wabuska fault zone to normal faults concealed in Mason Valley. Alternatively, reservoir permeability may be associated with one or more concealed fault intersections whereby the strand of the Wabuska fault zone cuts across older northwest-striking faults concealed in the basin near where the hot springs emerge.

Ramada Reno Hotel; 6:30 PM
1000 East 6th Street, Reno, NV 89512
Cocktail Reception 6:30, Skyline Bar, 14th Floor
Dinner Served at 7:00 PM
NPGS Members $20; Non-Members $23; Students $10
Please RSVP by Tuesday Jan 7 with the following link:

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