Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering—Seminar Dates

Below is the current University of Nevada, Reno DGSE seminar schedule for Spring 2014.

Spring 2014 Seminar Dates

When: from 4 to 5pm

Where: Davidson Mathematics and Science Center 105 (please note room change)

2/03/2014 Nicole Lautze, U Hawaii, eruptive processes/ Stromboli ejecta (GBCGE invitee)

2/10/2014 Scott McCoy, “Shifting Rivers and Moving Divides: A Dynamic view of Landscape Evolution”

2/17/2014 Presidents Day, No Seminar

2/24/2014 Stephanie McAfee (Geography)

3/03/2014 TBD (David Schmidt, Scott McCoy Backup?)

3/10/2014 Jeff Vervoort

3/17/2014 Spring Break, No Seminar

3/24/2014 Russell DiFiori/ Steve Angster

3/31/2014 Melissa Penfold/ Saige Sanchez

4/07/2014 Kenjo Agustsson/Kate Zeiger

4/14/2014 Connor Newman/Dylan Baldwin

4/21/2014 Tyler Seaman/Erica Key

4/28/2014 Tim Cramer/Corina Forson

5/05/2014 John Wakabayashi

For more information, please contact:
Wendy Calvin
Prof. Geophysics & Remote Sensing
Director, Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy
Univ. Nevada – Reno,, 775-784-1785

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