NPGS Meeting – March 6 (RSVP today)

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Nevada Petroleum and Geothermal Society Monthly Dinner Meeting

When: Thursday Mar 6, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Where: Ramada Reno Hotel, 1000 E 6th St, Reno, NV

Speaker: Patrick Walsh, Chief Geologist, Ormat Technologies, Inc.

Topic: Steamboat Complex Geothermal System, Reno, Nevada: History, Geology, and Reservoir Characteristics, by Patrick Walsh, Greg Rhodes, Lara Owens, Paul Spielman, John Akerley

Abstract: The Steamboat Geothermal System in Reno, NV has a long history of geothermal utilization for spas dating back to the 1800s and electricity generation since 1986. Ormat Nevada Inc. has operated the entire Steamboat Field since 2004. Currently, geothermal wells at Steamboat Hills Geothermal System in Nevada produce 78 MW from 7 power plants and 2 connected reservoirs. Upper Steamboat produces ~380-400 °F from fractured metasediments at 2500-3000 ft depth and Lower Steamboat produces ~300 °F from fractured and altered granodiorite at 500-1000’ depth. The deeper wells target orthogonal high angle fractures striking NE-SW and WNW-ESE and dipping between 55 and 85 degrees. The shallower wells in Lower Steamboat produce from lower angle fractures that may have been caused by unloading associated with erosion prior to deposition of Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic rocks and sinter deposits. Recent drilling and reservoir modeling have provided data needed to optimize field operations, maximizing production and minimizing resource cooling.

Cocktail Reception 6:30, Skyline Bar, 14th Floor

Hosted by Barbour Well Inc., Oil and Geothermal Drilling Services

Dinner Served at 7:00 PM

NPGS Members $20; Non-Members $23; Students $10

Please RSVP by Tuesday Mar 4 with the following link:

Upcoming talk:
NPGS Monthly Dinner Meeting
When: Thursday Apr 3, 6:30 PM
Where: Ramada Reno Hotel, 1000 E 6th St, Reno, NV
Speaker: James Faulds, Director/State Geologist, NBMG, Reno NV
Topic: “Why is Nevada in Hot Water: New Approaches to Understanding and Harnessing Nevada’s Vast Geothermal Resources”

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