Geologic Map of Nevada T-shirts are here!

NBMG T-shirts are now back in stock, and here’s the scoop:

  • They are available in sizes for ladies and men (colors and sizes listed below).
  • All shirts are $18.00.
  • The front of the T-shirts has an “N” logo for “University of Nevada” and also the NBMG logo and name.
  • The back of the shirt has a simplified version of the NBMG Geologic Map of Nevada.

You need to call 775-682-8766 to place an order for a T-shirt. The shirts are not currently available on the shopping cart but will be added in about a month.

Click here to view the men’s shirts:

Click here to view the ladies’ shirts:

For those on the University of Nevada, Reno campus who would like free delivery, please let us know when you call to place an order.

T-shirts_mens T-shirts_ladies

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