New Geologic Map: Minden Quadrangle

Map 182
Geologic map of the Minden quadrangle, Douglas County, Nevada and Alpine County, California

by Alan R. Ramelli, James C. Yount, David A. John, and Larry J. Garside, 2014


A 1:24,000-scale, color geologic map of the Minden 7.5-minute quadrangle in Douglas County, Nevada and Alpine County, California with descriptions of 37 geologic units and two cross sections. Accompanying text includes full unit descriptions and references. This quadrangle includes portions of the Genoa fault, which ruptured in a major earthquake several hundred years ago.  The Minden quadrangle also includes extensive deposits of the Carson River; understanding the distribution of these deposits helps in assessing flood hazards for populated areas in the Carson Valley.

This map was prepared as part of the COGEOMAP and STATEMAP components of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey.

This map supersedes Open-File Report 2003-13: Preliminary Geologic Map of the Minden Quadrangle, Nevada (2nd ed., 2009).

Map 182, one 33×27-inch color map, scale 1:24,000; 8-page text, b/w; folded or rolled, $20.00

Available free on the Web or purchase here:

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