1st Annual UNR Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering Student Research Symposium

This message is forwarded from Paula Noble at the UNR Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering:

A forum for graduate students to present  first-author research posters to peers, faculty, and friends of the department.

Friday, March 6th, 2015, 12:00 – 3:30 PM, 3rd Floor, DeLaMare Library:

Session 1: Posters displayed 12-3:30 pm. Authors present 1-2 pm.

  1. New apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He constraints on the timing of thrust-related exhumation in the southern Bolivian (21°S) Andes. Ryan B. ANDERSON, Sean P. LONG, Brian K. HORTON, Amanda Z. CALLE, Daniel F. STOCKLI
  1. Tertiary Stratigraphy, Alteration Zones, and Precious Metal Deposits in the Patterson Mining District, Sweetwater Mountains, and Comparison to the Bodie Hills, California. Carli BALOGH, Peter VIKRE
  1. Joint optimization of P-wave first arrivals and vertical component gravity using simulated annealing. Kyle BASLER-REEDER, John LOUIE, Graham KENT, and Satish PULLAMMANAPPALLIL
  1. Spatial and Temporal Relationship between Carlin-Style Gold and Polymetallic Mineralization at the Deep Cove Gold-Silver Deposit, Lander County, Nevada. Wilson BONNER & John MUNTEAN
  1. Revised and Improved Fault Maps of Washoe County, Nevada using Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR) Imagery. Courtney BRAILO, Graham KENT, Steven G WESNOUSKY, Annie KELL, Ian PIERCE, Christine RUHL and Kenneth SMITH
  1. Translation vs. Rotation: The Battle for Accommodation of Dextral Shear at the Northern Terminus of the Central Walker Lane, Western Nevada. Chad W. CARLSON and James E. FAULDS
  1. Timescales of (U)HP metamorphism and melt crystallization: Zircon U-Pb and trace-element results from the D’Entrecasteux Islands, Papua New Guinea. Joel W. DESORMEAU, Stacia M. GORDON, Timothy A. LITTLE, Samuel A. BOWRING , and Julie VRY
  1. AVO and seismic attributes: The new frontier of geothermal exploration? Joseph DIERKHISING, John LOUIE, and Satish PULLAMMANAPPALLIL
  1. Demonstrating Modifed Strength Theory for Unsaturated Soils. Lauren FISSEL
  1. Avalanche Potential and Risk Analysis for the Alpine Meadows Road and Suggestions for Hazard Mitigation. Allison HATHON


Session 2: Posters displayed 12-3:30 pm. Authors present 2-3 pm.

  1. Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Hydrothermal Fluids of the Round Mountain Gold Deposit, Nevada. Steven HOWELL and John MUNTEAN
  1. Along Strike Variations in the Timing of Melt–Crystallization and Metamorphism Across Bhutan: New Insights from LASS Monazite Geochronology and Trace-Element Abundances. Rick KAUFFMAN, Becca GONZALES-CLAYTON, and Stacia GORDON
  1. Geochemistry and Petrography of the Beartrack Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho. Sergey A. KONYSHEV
  1. Structural Controls on Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit Formation in an Intra-Continental Rift Setting, North-Central Nevada, U.S.A.: Global Implications for Au-Ag Exploration and Production. Justin B. MILLIARD and John MUNTEAN
  1. Statistics of Ground Motions in a Foam Rubber Model of a Strike-Slip Fault. Kevin MCBEAN, John ANDERSON, James BRUNE, and Rasool ANOOSHEHPOOR
  1. Structural Constraints of Buffalo Valley Hot Springs and Proximal Young Volcanics, North-Central Nevada. Danielle MOLISEE and John BELL
  1. Imaging Spectroscopy of the Mono-Inyo Crater Chain, Mono Basin, California. Neil C. Pearson and Wendy M. Calvin
  1. Complex Spatial and Temporal Evolution of the 2008 Mogul Earthquake Sequence, in Urban Reno, Nevada. Christine J. Ruhl and Kenneth D. Smith
  1. Structural controls of the Black Warrior geothermal system, Truckee Range, Washoe County, Nevada, USA. Andrew SADOWSKI and James E. FAULDS

If you have any questions about this symposium, please contact:

Dr. Paula Noble
Professor, Geological Sciences and Engineering
Graduate Director 2014-15
University of Nevada
Reno, NV 89557-0138 USA

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