New Interactive Mining District Map

Rachel (Wearne) Micander, GIS Specialist with the NBMG Cart/GIS group, has created a new interactive mining district map, and you can view the beta test of that map here.

New: Beta test of the interactive mining districts web mapping application and how-to guide.

Please send any comments and suggestions that you may have to Rachel Micander:

Creation of map services and interactive maps are an important component of the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology mission. Interactive maps are developed as a tool for users who may not have access to their own datasets or GIS software. Users can download specific databases, excel files and PDF’s, search layer information, and view updated data without any special skill other than internet familiarity.

The Mining District Files consist largely of historical and current maps, reports, articles, photographs, correspondence, assays, production reports, and reserve information on all aspects of mining in Nevada. These have largely been donated to the NBMG over the years from individuals, companies, and other government agencies.

Over the last several years, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology has undertaken the digital conversion of these paper documents into scanned images. The files contained in the mining district files are in PDF file format. The digital file conversion project at NBMG is ongoing. Some records are copyrighted and have no link associated with them in the search results. However, these documents are available for viewing at NBMG’s Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library.

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  1. I am very disappointed with this new application, as I am no longer able to access the mining district files with my IPad. If possible please make these records available now without the mapping application.
    Thank you.

    • Hello, We are very sorry you are unable to view the application, and thank you for letting us know! It was built using the technology that all other NBMG web applications have used for the past few years; however, we are working on migrating all our applications to a cross-platform compatible format so iPads and other devices having trouble can view them. We will send out an announcement when that is available, and in the meantime, the application is available on computers, other tablets and mobile devices.

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