New Server for NBMG Website—please note new links

The NBMG website has been moved to a new web server. This web server migration was critical since the old server was running the Microsoft Server 2003 operating system, which becomes unsupported on July 14, 2015.

The URLs have changed for the “Free Downloads” links on the Publications page, so please be sure to update your bookmarks. Here is an example of the new URL format (for Nevada Mineral Industry 2013):

Old URL:  (no longer works)
New URL:

You can locate these Free Downloads links by clicking on the blue publication title on the listing of NBMG publications on the shopping cart. When you click on the title, you will then be on the publication landing page which includes options to purchase the item or download it for free if that option is available. If there is no Free Downloads tab to the right of the Description tab on the landing page, then there is no free download available. The Description and Free Downloads tabs are located on top of the gray text box under the thumbnail images.

Note that some pages in our website have moved as a result of this server migration, particularly from our cleanup and organization of the web server files in order to make updating the website more efficient. We also had to eliminate php code in order to move our website to the University’s server.

Here are some of the main pages affected by the changes:

There is limited space on the new web server, so to organize our data and ensure there is plenty of room for growth we moved our large static data (mining district scans, historical air photos, etc.) to a new location that includes “” in the first part of the URLs. While is not an open server to browse through, all public data that sits at is accessible through links in various web pages throughout our website and interactive web applications.

If you have any questions about this migration, please contact Jennifer Vlcan, Manager, NBMG Cartography & GIS group
Phone (775) 682-8759

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