Nevada Today NSights Blog about Jim Faulds

Nevada Today NSights Blog about Jim Faulds:
An outstanding faculty member spanning all three aspects of the University’s mission

4/7/2016 | By Kevin R. Carman
Professor, Executive Vice President & University Provost

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“Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss the work of one of our outstanding faculty members, Jim Faulds, whose career in the geological sciences area spans all three aspects of our University’s mission – learning, discovery and engagement.

Jim is the director of the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and is the State Geologist. In these public service roles he is providing critical research and mapping for the entire state. Jim’s research is also providing geologic modeling for an innovative U.S. Department of Energy initiative, called FORGE, which holds the potential to unlock new resources of power generated from geothermal sources.

Jim has received national recognition from the Department of Energy for his work on geothermal energy technology, earning the 2012 Peer Review Excellence award with his project, “Characterizing Structural Controls of EGS and Conventional Geothermal Reservoirs.” He received perfect scores across all categories.

Jim is equally proud of his teaching, both at the graduate and undergraduate level, which has helped lead many of our students into a wide array of professions associated with geologic sciences in our state. The interview, which was featured on KUNR’s “Beyond the Headlines” show hosted by KUNR general manager David Stipech, provides yet another example of the high-caliber, nationally recognized faculty that we have at our University.

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Kevin Carman is provost and executive vice president of the University.”

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