Nevada Geology Calendar 2017—Now Available!

calendar_2017_sliderWe thank Jack Hursh, Jennifer Vlcan, Chris Henry, and Nick Hinz for designing another beautiful calendar for the new year!

This 12-month calendar features a different geologic topic each month (January through December 2017):

Desatoya Mountains, Sand Mountain, McDermitt Caldera, The Sump, Santa Rosa Range, Northern Nevada Orogenies, Mount Rose Glaciation, Basin and Range National Monument, Virginia Mountains, Old Soil Horizons, Pequop Mountains, Little Finland—plus interesting facts about Nevada and the geology of the state.

Click here to view/order the calendar:

Free campus delivery: For those on the University of Nevada, Reno campus who would like free delivery, you may select “Pick up” on the shopping cart so you will not be charged for shipping and then under “instructions” type “UNR campus mail delivery.” Please be sure to give us your campus mail stop and department name.

Quantity discount: If you buy 10 or more calendars per order, you will receive a 20% discount.

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