Geological Society of America—National Geologic Map Competition Winners

First Place—Ryan Anderson
Second Place—Andrew Sadowski

A message from Jim Faulds: NBMG “students” placed #1 and #2 in the national geologic map competition at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America meeting held in Denver September 25–28.  PhD candidate Ryan Anderson placed #1 for his geologic map of a large transect across Bolivia under the supervision of Dr. Sean Long.  Technically, Ryan is now a student at Washington State University, as Sean moved to WSU last year, but Ryan has received all of his training at UNR (including a M.S. under Jim Faulds) and continues to reside at UNR while completing his PhD.  Second place went to Andrew Sadowski for his geologic map of the Black Warrior geothermal field in northwestern Nevada, which he completed as part of his Master’s thesis under the supervision of Jim Faulds.  The cartography group at NBMG assisted both Ryan and Andrew in preparing their excellent maps.  This award nicely rewards the tremendous efforts of Ryan and Andrew for their numerous days in the field gathering enormous amounts of data and synthesizing those data into detailed geologic maps that elucidate tectonic events, geothermal activity, and our evolving landscapes.

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