New Structural Geologist at NBMG—Dr. Andrew Zuza

A message from Dr. Jim Faulds, NBMG Director and State Geologist:
We are very pleased to welcome a new faculty member to NBMG—Dr. Andrew Zuza. Dr. Zuza brings expertise and innovative approaches in structural geology and tectonics to NBMG.


Dr. Andrew Zuza recently joined the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno as an Assistant Professor. He received his BS in Geology from Cornell University and PhD from UCLA. Andrew’s research is primarily focused on continental deformation and the evolution of orogenic systems. He uses a mix of traditional field-based structural geology methods and modern analytical techniques, including geologic mapping, balanced cross-section construction, geo/thermochronology, metamorphic petrology, and analogue modeling. His past research has been focused on the evolution of the Tibetan Plateau’s northern and southern margins—both in northern Tibet and across the Himalaya—and he has conducted mapping-based research in India, China/Tibet, Mongolia, South Africa, and the western United States.

Dr. Zuza is excited to concentrate his research on Nevada’s unique geology, which is ideal for studying continental tectonics because late Cenozoic Basin and Range extension has exposed several important Phanerozoic orogens. His work will examine some of the enigmatic middle- to late-Paleozoic events, including the Antler and Sonoma orogenies, as well as the Jurassic-Paleogene Cordilleran thrust systems. To better constrain these pre-Neogene events, he is also focused on restoring the relatively recent extension and normal faulting that has been affecting Nevada since the Miocene. Detailed reconstructions of Cordilleran and Basin and Range deformation are important for economic geology purposes, and can help locate hydrocarbon reservoirs or ore deposits.

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