NBMG is recruiting for a Cartographic/Graphics Technician 1

We are hiring! Please see the following link and share with those who may be interested in applying:

This is primarily a GIS-based and Web GIS-based position that will be responsible for producing high-quality maps, data, reports, posters, figures, and other products and will assist in the development/maintenance of web services, maps, and applications. The position will provide services and expertise in the areas of GIS, cartography, graphic design, publications, and web to faculty, staff, students, and clients as well as other duties as assigned.

Applicants with the following experience are encouraged to apply: ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software and extensions, geodatabase management for map production, map/data conversion processes from legacy formats to GIS formats, metadata preparation, web services creation using ArcGIS Server, web applications development, web programming languages, desktop publishing software, background in geology.

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