NBMG New Open Data Site

As Nevada’s state geological survey, the creation of map services and datasets have been an important part of our modernization and organization. Many of these datasets are freely available, and in an effort to better disseminate these data, we have created an Open Data site for the public to search and download GIS data. This platform will eventually replace the existing Maps & Data page on the NBMG website. The NBMG Open Data site also contains links to web applications, publications, additional resources, and other GIS data freely available throughout the state (e.g., NDOM, NSL, NDEP, BLM, NDOW, County etc.—where available). NBMG GIS datasets can be searched for and downloaded within this new platform. Datasets can be downloaded as CSV files, KML, or ESRI shapefiles. We invite you to explore the NBMG Open Data site here: https://data-nbmg.opendata.arcgis.com/

We are working to make our datasets more easily accessible to the public, contractors, and companies alike in the attempt to further collaboration and scientific research. This Open Data site will help us distribute and share these freely available datasets. Please note that we are also working to catalog and expand our network of freely available datasets including geothermal data, DEMs, air photos and imagery, and geologic data (including fault and earthquake data). Please be patient as we work to grow and distribute these data. As we move forward, this Open Data site will always reflect the most current data we have at NBMG.

If you have questions regarding this new platform, please contact NBMG at nbmg@unr.edu. We will also be presenting the Open Data site at the NBMG Advisory Board meeting on August 17, 2017.

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