Stepping Up Outreach for the Fallon FORGE Project

By Bridget Ayling

Members of the Fallon FORGE team staffed a booth at the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival and Country Fair, 24–27th August 2017, to meet the Fallon community and provide them an opportunity to meet us, ask questions and learn more about the Fallon FORGE project. The booth was a success: we spoke with many locals and visitors to the region, and the majority were interested to learn more about our activities and are supportive of the project going forward. We also attracted the younger generation via our swag options (drink bottles, etc.), geothermal core samples borrowed from NBMG’s core facility (the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library), and a microscope set-up with petrographic thin sections available for viewing. Outreach activities for the Fallon FORGE project are ongoing, and will become increasingly important if the project makes it into the next phase of the FORGE initiative—this will be determined in spring/summer 2018.

Representatives of the Fallon FORGE team at the beginning of the festival:
ready to go and spread the word about geothermal! Photo: Bridget Ayling
New NBMG/DGSE graduate student Kurt Kraal guides a future geologist
in looking at geothermal thin sections under a microscope. Photo: Bridget Ayling
Visitors at the booth learning more about the Fallon FORGE project. Photo: Bridget Ayling

If you want to learn more about the Fallon FORGE project, Dr. Bridget Ayling will be the guest speaker for the DGSE seminar series this Monday, September 11.

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