New 2018 HAZUS Report

Updated Assessment of Risks and Vulnerability to Flood Hazards in Nevada
By Irene M. Seelye, Bunny L. Bishop, Rachel Micander, and Sydney Wilson
Year: 2018
Series: Open-File Report 2018-01
Version: supersedes Open-File Reports 2007-02, 2010-03, and 2013-03
Format: online only; 16 pages, color, 3.26 MB; contains 103 additional linked pages

This report is a summary of the HAZUS results for flood scenarios modeled along seven major rivers in Nevada. It was produced in conjunction with the updating of the State of Nevada Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan, 2018. This report contains 16 pages of text which include 9 full-color map figures. There are 103 links throughout the document that open related PDF files containing the detailed HAZUS-generated result reports. Those PDFs will download in a folder alongside this report. This report supersedes Open-File Reports 07-2, 10-3, and 13-3.

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