NGL Publishes New Paper in Eos—released September 24

Harnessing the GPS Data Explosion for Interdisciplinary Science
By Geoffrey Blewitt, William C. Hammond, and Corné Kreemer, Nevada Geodetic Laboratory, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada, Reno

More GPS stations, faster data delivery, and better data processing provide an abundance of information benefiting many kinds of Earth science. At NGL we make our data products for over 17,000 stations available online, including metadata, lists of stations, plots of position coordinates, tables of data holdings, and descriptions of new items relating to the products. The service and philosophy, known as Plug and Play GPS , has been documented in a new paper published today in Eos.

NGL is committed to continuing to provide this long-running service to the scientific community, and we encourage researchers to explore these data sets and apply their creative skills to scientific investigations that have yet to be conceived.

Henceforth we request that citation of the data processing and products presented on our website should be: Blewitt, G., W. C. Hammond, and C. Kreemer (2018), Harnessing the GPS data explosion for interdisciplinary science, Eos, 99,

Here is the direct link to the article:

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