USDA Forest Service Seeks Public Comment on Improving Management of Mineral, Oil, and Gas Resources  

A message from the USFS: Today, the Forest Service published advance notices of proposed rulemaking to revise our oil and gas resources and locatable minerals regulations to ensure the Agency and stakeholders have an efficient process to support local economies and protect and conserve valuable environmental resources. Public comment on the advance notices will help the Agency develop specific proposals for updating the regulations. Once the proposed regulations are published, there will be another opportunity to comment.

The link to the Forest Service news release below. Please note that these are two separate notices and respond to the correct one, or both, as appropriate.

The due date for comments is October 15, 2018.

A message from Mike Visher, Nevada Division of Minerals: This is just the initial step in their proposed rule-making but comments provided on these advance notices will help steer specific proposals intended to streamline the review and permitting process for exploration and mineral development on Forest Service lands and mirror many of the requirements and processes already in place under the BLM, including a new notice of intent level for projects proposing 5 acres or less of surface resource disturbance on Forest Service lands.

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