DGSE Colloquium Speaker Series

A message from Philipp Ruprecht (Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences at UNR):
“Our speaker on Monday (10/22; social at 3:30 pm and talk at 4 pm in DMS 105) is Brandon Schmandt from the University of New Mexico. Brandon is a seismologist that has studied the Western US on the continental scale with EarthScope. He is interested in developing new tools that are resolving much finer scales within the Earth crust.”

October 22
Topic: Seismically Imaging Magma Reservoirs beneath Yellowstone and Long Valley Calderas
Speaker: Brandon Schmandt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering (DGSE)
2018 Fall Seminars—Tentative Fall Schedule:
All Regular Monday Seminars are in DMS 105.

October 29
Topic: Deep Life and Lessons from the Fringes of Microbial Biology
Speaker: Duane Moser, DRI

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