2018-2019 Jahns Lecturer/UNR Campus Event—February 8

Deborah GreenYou Don’t Look Like a Geologist – A Conversation on Diversity (or the Lack Thereof) in Our Profession

Deborah Green, 2018-2019 GSA-AEG Jahns Lecturer February 8, 2019
UNR Campus Event, Noon on Friday
Please join us for pizza and soda at LME Room 417.

“Too many times as a young geologist I was told, “You don’t look like a geologist,” often by clients and even by my own company’s managers. I haven’t heard that comment in some years, and I hope that speaks to the fact that more women are studying geology and going on to careers in our field, so the face of a geologist isn’t necessarily male anymore. According to recent statistics from the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) in the Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates report (Wilson, 2017), at least forty percent of geology graduates are women. However, we are still an overwhelmingly white profession (the same report indicates less than twelve percent of geology graduates identify themselves as belonging to underrepresented minority groups). There will be some statistics, but they’ll be a starting point to talk about why there is so little diversity in our field. Increasing diversity would expand the points of view team members bring to projects, and enrich the perspectives we use to solve the problems facing us. There is science that shows bringing diversity to our work is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Who better to have this conversation with than you, the students and young professionals, who will be leading our field as long-time professionals head toward retirement. Whenever possible, I will invite others to participate (people of differing races, genders and gender identities, age groups, and disciplines).”

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