Mining claim procedures for Nevada prospectors and miners (sixth edition)

Authors: Keith G. Papke and David A. Davis; sixth edition revisions by Christopher Ross, Ralston Pedersen, Rachel Micander, and Nathan Robison; illustrations by Larry Jacox and Jan Walker, with updates by Paula Robison and Rachel Micander

Year: 2019

Series: Special Publication 6

Version: supersedes previous editions: fifth edition (2002), fourth edition (1996), third edition (1987), second edition (1986), and first edition (1982)

Format: 71 pages


A guide for the prospector, providing information on locating lode and placer claims, locating a mill site, tunnel rights, patenting, amending and assessment work on mining claims; list of county recorders; and appendices of laws, notices certificates, and affidavits for the miner. The first edition of Special Publication 6 was published in 1982 and was based mainly on the 1971 Nevada State Mining Laws with a 1983 update sheet reflecting changes made by the 1983 Nevada State Legislature. The second edition, published in 1986, was based mainly on the 1985 Nevada State Mining Laws. The third edition reflected changes made by the 1987 Nevada State Legislature.

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