Discover Science Lecture Series—April 25

Speaker: Dr. Robert “Bob” Zeigler

Topic: Global Food Security

Dr. Robert “Bob” Zeigler is Director General (Emeritus) of the International Rice Research Institute and an internationally respected plant pathologist. Zeigler has more than 30 years of experience in agricultural research in the developing world, and his lecture titled “Science and policy: the Yin and Yang dynamic of global food security” will explore how science, technology and public policy are in a constant state of flux – a Yin and Yang like dance, as he describes it. From the onset Green Revolution of the 1950s – the large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and high-yield crop varieties – to now, advancements in agriculture technology have shaped our modern understanding of food security in the developing world.

Zeigler’s professional life spanned Africa, Latin America, US, and Asia. He has had a productive research career on diseases of rice that focused on host-plant resistance, pathogen and vector population genetics, and their interactions to develop durable resistance and sustainable disease management practices.

Thursday, April 25
DMSC Redfield Auditorium, 7 PM

Read more here (Nevada Today story, 4-16-19):

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