AEG Great Basin Field Trip 2019—Saturday, October 5

“The AEG Great Basin Chapter is sponsoring a field trip conducted by Dr. John Louie. A field trip guide will be provided at the time of departure and a digital copy will be provided at a later time for all attendees, interested organizations and individuals.”

Trip highlights:

  • Soda Lake Maar: Soda Lake fills a phreatic (steam) explosion crater caused by a magma injection into the water table. A blast megatons in size created the nearly mile-wide crater west of Fallon.
  • Project Shoal Nuclear Test Site: A 12-kiloton nuclear device detonated in 1963 east of Fallon created a 50-meter-wide cavity in solid granite. Within months the cavity had collapsed to within 250 m of the surface. Has it collapsed any more?
  • Dixie Valley Fault, 1954 Rupture: The magnitude-7 earthquake ripped along more than 60 km of the Stillwater Rangefront. The unusually wide graben along with many other data sets suggest a low-angle, pure normal-fault rupture.”

Details and photos here:

Field trip fees collected at registration:
Members & Non-Members: $25.00
Students: $15.00
Printed Field Guide: $5.00
Cancellations: 5 days prior to departure

A limited number of seats may be available on UNR Mackay School of Earth Science and Engineering vehicles.  All terrain, privately owned vehicles with sufficient clearance, are requested in order to accommodate additional participants.

Sponsor: Diane Phillips Ferree and Wayne Ferree (snacks and beverages)

For trip details and registration, please contact Chris Betts:

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