GSN Monthly Meeting—Friday, September 20

Speaker: Lucia Patterson, Nevada Division of Minerals
Topic: The New User-Friendly NDOM Open Data Site
Date: Friday, September 20, 2019
Time: Drinks @ 6:00 pm, Appetizers @ 6:30 pm, Talk @ 7:15
Where: TAPS & TANKS, Reno, Nevada

The first GSN Reno meeting for this fiscal year is on FRIDAY, September 20th at the Great Basin Brewing’s Taps & Tanks facility, 1155 S. Rock Blvd., #490.  The entrance is on McCarran Blvd. just south of the intersection w/Rock Blvd.  Attached is a map if needed.    We will be serving Appetizers for $15 and you can pre-pay at this link: or pay at the door.  No RSVPs required.  (Non-Member Guests for drinks only are still $5 each.)   GSN Students eat for free but will need to pick up a wrist band.

CHECKING IN:  Pick up your permanent nametag off of the display board when you arrive. If you don’t have a printed nametag on the board please let us know and we will make one for next time.  Meanwhile there will be sticky nametags for you and guests.  PLEASE RETURN YOUR NAMEBADGE AND HOLDER AT THE END OF THE MEETING FOR RE-USE IN OCTOBER!  (If you accidently take it home you can always bring it with you next time.) Everyone who has paid for appetizers will need to pick up a wristband at the check-in table.

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