Nevada Geology Calendar 2020—delivery update

If you have already placed an order for this calendar, we have a delivery update. We hope to receive the calendars this week (week of December 3–6) and will mail out orders as soon after that as we can. We will notify you when the calendars have arrived so those who want to pick up a calendar at our office can do so then.

Series: Calendar CAL2020
Format: 13 x 9.5 inches, full color
Sneak preview and preorders here:

You can preorder now and calendars will be shipped as soon as they arrive (early December). We will send an announcement when calendars are available for pickup at our office at GBSSRL.

This 12-month calendar (January through December 2020), designed by Jack Hursh, Jennifer Vlcan, and Chris Henry, is full of beautiful photos highlighting Nevada’s scenic wonders and features a different geologic topic each month: Clan Alpine Mountains, White River Country, East Humboldt Range, Strata, Fissure Ridge, Little High Rock Canyon, Ragged Top, Nevada’s Largest Earthquake, Geothermal Energy, Clayton Valley Dunes, Walker Lane, and Mormon Well Road. The calendar also includes interesting facts about Nevada and the geology of the state.

Free campus delivery: For those on the University of Nevada, Reno campus who would like free delivery, you may select “Pick up” on the shopping cart so you will not be charged for shipping and then under “instructions” type “UNR campus mail delivery.” Please be sure to give us your campus mail stop and department name.

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