DGSE Geoscience Seminar—Monday, February 3, TODAY

University of Nevada, Reno

Speaker: Dr. Laura Waters (New Mexico Tech)

 Topic: Why Doesn’t Continental Crust Evolve to its Fullest Potential?

A message from Stacia Gordon: “Our next seminar speaker on Monday, February 3rd will be Dr. Laura Waters from New Mexico Tech. Laura is visiting us as part of the Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer Series. Laura is an igneous petrologist primarily interested in understanding the processes that govern the evolution of the continental crust. You can find out more about her here: https://www.nmt.edu/academics/ees/faculty/lwaters.php

The title of Laura’s talk is:  “Why doesn’t continental crust evolve to its fullest potential?”

Abstract: The paucity of high-silica rhyolite in volcanic arcs and its restricted occurrence as scattered aplite dikes throughout arc granitoid batholiths suggests there is a mechanism that prevents high-silica (near-eutectic) rhyolite melts from coalescing and erupting as discrete liquids at subduction zones. In contrast, large volumes (≥100 km3) of high-silica rhyolite, including those that are relatively cold (700–750 °C) and hydrous, erupt in extensional tectonic settings. The emerging question is: What controls the eruption of high-silica rhyolite? In this talk, I use results of several experimental and petrologic studies on silica-rich magmas (rhyolites) from Long Valley to provide a crystallization (kinetic) perspective on what it takes to efficiently extract, move and erupt a eutectic melt and, thus, stratify continents.

The seminar starts at 4 PM in DMS 102, with refreshments beginning at 3:50 PM.”

UNR DGSE Geoscience Seminars Fall 2019 (Dept. of Geological Sciences & Engineering)

All regular Monday seminars are in DMS 102 at 4:00 PM.