NBMG’s Corné Kreemer and Geoff Blewitt just published an article that is getting worldwide attention, including in Newsweek. Together with a colleague from UCLA, they analyzed motions of thousands of GPS stations in Europe and found evidence for a mantle plume actively pushing upward underneath a large area centered on where the Eifel volcanic field in Germany can be found. This work grew out of Corné’s sabbatical in the Netherlands in 2016.

The article, titled Ancient Volcanic Region in Germany Is Moving in an Unusual Way, Scientists Discover, describes the discoveries and ensuing research done by Corné Kreemer about a volcanic area in a heavily populated region of Europe. The article is by Aristos Georgiou, and appeared in Newsweek (Tech & Science) on 6/11/20 at 10:17 AM EDT

Original paper by Kreemer, Blewitt, and Davis that is referenced in the Newsweek article:
Geodetic Evidence for a Buoyant Mantle Plume beneath the Eifel Volcanic Area, NW Europe
By Corné Kreemer, Geoffrey Blewitt, and Paul M Davis
Geophysical Journal International, Volume 222, Issue 2, August 2020, Pages 1316–1332

Original press release:
New Hints of Volcanism under the Heart of Northern Europe
Royal Astronomical Society, Submitted by Morgan Hollis on Tue, 09/06/2020 (June 9, 2020) – 11:18

“Three water-filled maars in the Eifel, Germany (Gemündener Maar, Weinfelder Maar, Schalkenmehrener Maar). Created by volcanic activity, maars are also found in other parts of Europe and on other continents, but Eifel-Maars are the classic example worldwide.”
Martin Schildgen / Wikimedia Commons, License type: Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Explore a Nevada maar:
Geology of the Lunar Crater volcanic field, Nye County, Nevada
Geologic map of the Lunar Crater quadrangle, Nye County, Nevada

or the Easy Chair Crater and Black Rock Lava flow, two features close to the Lunar Crater volcanic field.

Where is Nevada’s youngest maar? It is located near Fallon, Nevada. Read more about it in the 2018 Earth Science Week field trip guide or in Ancient lakes and volcanoes near Fallon: Field trip for families and rockhounds.

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