Nevada’s Nightingale Mountains Documentary Videos By Carl Adams, featuring Jim Faulds

Reno filmmaker Carl Adams teams up with State Geologist and NBMG Director Jim Faulds and others to create this series of videos about the Nightingale Mountains. Carl wants to share his love of Nevada with the general public, so please feel free to share these videos, and enjoy the trip!

Nevada’s Nightingale Mountains, Part 1: Scenic Tour

Nevada’s Nightingale Mountains, Part 2: Creation of the Range

In this video, Jim Faulds shares his love of geology and expertise on the geologic history of the Nightingale Mountains. Jim brings alive the ancient landscape as you stand with him on what was once an ocean floor and in a former magma chamber and imagine what it was like 100-200 million years ago.

Nevada’s Nightingale Mountains, Part 3: Caves to Mines

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