Geologic Map Day—Friday, October 16

“Hosted by the U.S. Geological Survey, Association of American State Geologists, National Park Service, Geological Society of America, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in partnership with AGI, this special event promotes awareness of the study, uses, importance of geologic mapping for education, science, business, and a variety of public policy concerns.”

Geologic Map Day Activities:

“Happy Geologic Map Day! As we continue celebrating Earth Science Week, let’s take a moment to talk about geologic maps. A geologic map is a special purpose map made to show geologic units (bedrock, surficial geology deposits), faults, folds, attitudes, and other information that helps to share the geology of a certain area. These maps are quite colorful, using different colors to depict different lithologies.”

As the state geological survey, the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology publishes several geologic maps in any given year. Some of our most recent maps are outlined below. These maps are all free to download from the NBMG shopping cart!

Geologic map of the Petrified Spring fault, Gabbs Valley Range, Mineral County, Nevada

Geologic map of the Granite Peak quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada

Geologic map of the Washoe City quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada

Geologic map of the Independence Valley NW quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada

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