New Educational Series: Exploring the Hot Springs Mountains—A Virtual Tour for Earth Science Week, 2020

(Guide for the Earth Science Week Virtual Field Trip, October 17, 2020)

by Rachel Micander and James E. Faulds

Year: 2020
Series: Educational Series 66
Format: 20 pages, color


In October 2020, NBMG celebrated Earth Science Week virtually with a story map about the Hot Springs Mountains. Now that story map is available in a printable PDF!

If you would like to venture out and explore the many wonders of the Hot Springs Mountains in person, we welcome you to hop into your off-road capable vehicle and grab some topographic maps, a spare tire (or two), a picnic lunch, a GPS and compass and head on out to explore your public lands. Topographic maps are available for purchase from the NBMG Publication Sales Office. Cell phone coverage is spotty at best in this part of the state, and we have always found paper maps to be worth their weight in gold. To help get you started, the quadrangles in this area include Parran, Desert Peak, Hot Springs Flat, Eagle Rock, Soda Lake NW, and Upsal Hogback. 

For a topographic map index complete with links to purchase 1:250,000, 1:100,000, 1:62,500, and 1:24,000 quadrangle maps in Nevada, check out the NBMG topographic map web application here: 

Topographic maps are available for purchase from the NBMG Publication Sales Office: 

Maps are also free to download from USGS at this site: 

As always, please exercise caution when exploring off highway areas and respect the landscape, wildlife, artifacts, and others out enjoying nature. Remember to stay on developed dirt roads and trails, and never park on dry grass or brush.

Thank you for joining us on this virtual field trip and if you have questions about the rocks, geology, or the natural resources that we covered in this guide, NBMG geologists are always happy to answer your questions!

Red Rocks in the Hot Springs Mountains

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