The Nevada Mineral Industry 2019

By John L. MunteanDavid A. Davis, and Bridget Ayling

Cover of the 2019 Mineral Industry Report

Year: 2020
Series: Mineral Industry MI-2019
Format: 254 pages, includes color, plastic comb-bound report


Starting in 1979, NBMG has issued annual reports that describe the mineral (precious and base metals and industrial minerals including aggregate), oil and gas, and geothermal activities and accomplishments.

This report describes those accomplishments in Nevada for 2019, which includes production, reserve, and resource statistics; exploration and development—including drilling for petroleum and geothermal resources, discoveries of orebodies, new mines opened, and expansion and other activities of existing mines; and a directory of mines and mills.

Preparation for this publication was supported by the Nevada Division of Minerals.

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