New Face at NBMG—Carolina Munoz-Saez

A message from Dr. Jim Faulds, NBMG Director and State Geologist: “We are very pleased to welcome a very talented new faculty member to NBMG—Dr. Carolina Munoz-Saez.”

Dr. Carolina Munoz-Saez recently joined the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno as an Assistant Professor specializing in Economic Geology. After earning her B.A. and M.S. at the Universidad de Chile, Dr. Munoz-Saez spent several years working as an exploration geologist for geothermal and mining projects in non-profit organizations and consulting firms. In 2010, she received a Fulbright award to pursue a Ph.D. in the USA at University of California Berkeley. After her Ph.D., Dr. Munoz-Saez worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Universidad de Chile, Columbia University, and the College University of New York.

Dr. Munoz-Saez is an observational field geoscientist interested in understanding the intricate evolution of hydrothermal systems. Her research interests include a variety of topics such as volcanology, hydrogeology, geothermal, economical geology, paleoclimate, and geobiology. She has conducted field expeditions in the Central and Southern Andes, and Yellowstone National Park to study eruption thermodynamics of geysers systems, quantify the heat and mass flows of hydrothermal circulation, and understand surface silica precipitation, mineral deposition, and biogenic activity.

Dr. Munoz-Saez is very excited to join the NBMG and to apply her research experience to Nevada’s unique geology, which has some of the best natural laboratories for understanding hydrothermal processes.  In her future work, she aims to unravel the interacting processes governing heat flow and metal cycling by integrating field-based analysis, analytical techniques, and numerical modeling.

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