The Nevada mineral industry 2021

Author: John L. Muntean, Rachel Micander, and Bridget Ayling
Year: 2022
Series: Mineral Industry MI-2021
Format: 81 pages, includes color, plastic comb-bound report

Starting in 1979, NBMG has issued annual reports that describe the mineral (precious and base metals and industrial minerals including aggregate), oil and gas, and geothermal activities and accomplishments.

This report describes those accomplishments in Nevada for 2021, which includes production, reserve, and resource statistics; exploration and development—including drilling for petroleum and geothermal resources, discoveries of orebodies, new mines opened, and expansion and other activities of existing mines.

This report highlights activities in 2021 in the exploration and production for metals, industrial minerals, geothermal energy, and petroleum. Once again Nevada led the nation in the production of gold ($8.098 billion) and barite ($27.288 million). It was also the only state that produced lithium compounds ($41.692 million), magnesite ($8.058 million), and the specialty clays, sepiolite and saponite ($11.839 million). Other commodities mined and produced in Nevada in 2021, in order of value, included copper ($687.677 million), geothermal energy ($318.748 million), aggregate (sand, gravel, and crushed stone) ($235 million), silver ($155.709 million), diatomite ($51.282 million), limestone and dolomite (mainly for cement, $36.488 million), gypsum ($49.643 million), silica ($18.174 million), and petroleum ($12.759 million). Locations of many of the sites mentioned in the text of this report are shown on NBMG Open-File Report 2021-01, Nevada Active Mines and Energy Producers, which is available at…

Preparation for this publication was supported by the Nevada Division of Minerals.

Please note: The Nevada Mineral Industry 2021 does not include the following lists this year:
Major Precious-Metal Deposits
Directory of Mining and Milling Operations

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