Nevada active mines and energy producers

Author: John L. Muntean and Rachel Micander
Year: 2023
Series: Open-File Report 2023-01
Version: supersedes Open-File Reports 2021-01, 2019-01, 2017-01, 2014-01 (first and second editions), 2010-05, and Map 170
Format: 31 x 34.5 inches, color
Scale: compilation at 1:1,000,000

Site locations and information on this map were obtained from a variety of published and non-published sources with the last updates made in January 2023. All sites shown on this map had some form of production activity during 2021.


The mines shown produced in 2021. Active mining involved extraction from open pits, underground mines, other types of surface activity, and one brine operation. If active mining had ceased temporarily or permanently, production continued from the leach pads, reprocessing old tailings, or stockpiles. The main sources of information for these mines are Major Mines of Nevada 2021 compiled by the Nevada Division of Minerals and NBMG’s The Nevada Mineral Industry 2021. These two reports were largely compiled from annual status and production reports submitted to the Nevada Division of Minerals and Nevada Department of Taxation Net Proceeds of Minerals Bulletin. The sites generally represent the main open pit or portal location and are accurate for a display scale of 1:1,000,000 or smaller.


Geothermal site locations are from the “Geothermal Section” in NBMG’s The Nevada Mineral Industry 2021 and information provided by the Nevada Division of Minerals.


Oil field locations are from Assessment of the Potential for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration with Enhanced Oil Recovery in Nevada (Open-File Report 2007-07) with updated information provided in 2021 by the Nevada Division of Minerals. Only currently producing oil fields are shown. Oil field symbol locations are based on initial discovery well. More detailed information on the oil fields, individual wells, company contact information, and production can be found in Assessment of the Potential for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration with Enhanced Oil Recovery in Nevada (2007), NBMG’s The Nevada Mineral Industry 2021Major Mines of Nevada 2021Petroleum Data Map of Nevada (2007), and the NBMG Subsurface Database Explorer interactive map.


Nevada mining district locations are from NBMG Report 47, Mining Districts of Nevada. The location of the symbol represents the approximate center of the mining district polygon as shown in the original report.

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